12 months of fermentation in

French Oak Barrels

The quality of the wood in the barrels plays a decisive role in the aging of a wine. Depending on the type of oak, its age, the size of the barrel, etc., its influence will be different.

The wood is as important in the final result of the wine as is the vineyard, the varietal or the proportions of grape chosen.

On the one hand, it allows the controlled entry of oxygen, which makes the wine mature and soften its texture. But on the other hand, and especially during the first aging phase, the wood gives the wine its own tannins and organoleptic values, giving it flavors and aromas such as vanilla, toast, caramel or coffee, which enrich the whole and which would be impossible to obtain without the contact of the wine with the wood.

It is important, however, that the contact time is adjusted to the type of wine, since if the wine were to remain in the barrel for too long, the harsh tannins of the wood would end up defeating the original aromas of the broth.

The quality of the wood in the barrels plays a decisive role in the aging of a wine.

Parenting or reducing phase in


It is done in the absence of oxygen because once the bottle has been covered with the cork, it prevents oxygen from entering. This phase must always be carried out with the bottle in a horizontal position so that the cork is moistened. At this time the color of the reds is fixed in tile tones because anthocyanins (blue and red pigments) decrease and flavones (yellow pigments) increase. Whites are devoid of anthocyanins and therefore, when the flavones are increased, intense yellow and amber colors appear.

In this phase, the primary aromas of the grape fade and the tertiary aromas that give the wine its bouquet appear.

The aging makes the tannins disappear and the astringency of the wine is reduced, making it softer and finer on the palate.

Fundamental aspects when making a good signature wine.

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