Battle of Nájera

In April 1367, the army commanded by the Prince of Wales, who had just entered Castile, was advancing towards Burgos following the Salvatierra-Logroño-Navarrete route, when it encountered Don Enrique’s troops near the present town of Alesón.

The Prince was ahead of him, and the battlefield was located halfway between the two towns, probably where a tributary of the Najerilla, the Yalde, passes.

The battle of Nájera a historical fact that happened in the place where now are our vineyards, several of the payments where are our vineyards, appear in different stories of the battle, “San Antón”, “Valle sanguina,” “Las Llanillas “, this last one probably where it began.

Leyenda de Roldán y

El Gigante Ferragut

One of the most widespread legends on the Camino de Santiago is the one that tells us about the battle between Roldan and the giant Ferragut.

As the legend tells us; near the Navarrese city of Nájera and on a hill that bears the name of Poyo de Roldán, the events took place and the protagonists were Roldán, nephew of the Frankish Emperor Charlemagne and the giant Ferragut.

Ferragut was a Muslim giant from Syria, whose main characteristic was his strength, courage and invulnerability, fearing nothing or anyone.

Charlemagne learned of the existence of this giant, he went with his troops to Nájera, and once both armies faced each other, the giant challenged in single combat any frank who wanted to fight with him in single combat.

Charlemagne sent several of his best champions to fight with Ferragut, but one after another they were defeated, with no combatant on the Christian field capable of defeating him. Roldán asked his uncle for permission to fight with the giant and once he obtained permission, the singular combat began.

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