Proud of our small family winery.
    Vinduero Vindouro Awards
    GOLD Medal in Female .
    *Horola Garnacha.
    Silver Medal.
    *Horola MIL * Limited edition of
    “1000 bottles.
    And our surprise of the evening at this Vinduero Vindouro Gala
    GOLD Medal to the best Signature wine of Spain and Portugal…
    HOROLA GARNACHA with 90 points.
    Effort, passion and a lot of love is what they put.
    Syam Hornos and Adrián Hornos Olave, its AUTHORS.

  • 03.03.2019 PRUNING COMPLETED

    The finished pruning in BODEGAS HOROLA.
    All the work that is done throughout the year in the vineyard is important, because the quality of the grapes and the wine that is obtained later depends on how well it is done.
    Pruning is a meticulous work and for experts, it is not a matter of cutting branches of vine shoots, it is much more complex and that is done by experience.
    That is why in Bodegas Horola pruning and work in our vineyards leaving vegetation cover is very important.

    The love for our land says it all when tasting our great wines.

  • Sampling Tempranillo and Garnacha Harvest 2018


    -Grape Sampling-

    Three grapes are picked from the tip of the bunch, jumping every 5 meters to another row of vines to pick three grapes from the shoulders and always moving diagonally to pick three grapes from the middle part of the vineyard.

    In this way we get to know the amount of sugar in the vineyard and its graduation. Depending on the data obtained we will know if the vineyard is ready to be harvested.

    To elaborate Horola Mil we only use the part of the shoulders of the cluster where the grapes are of the highest quality.



    From the union of the Latin words “vinea” which means vineyard and “demere” from the verb to uproot or remove is born “vindemia” (grape harvest).

    -Labor in the vineyard, she pays for it in the grape harvest-

    And it is true, to get to the harvest, a whole year is spent taking care and pampering the vineyards to the maximum, to be able to have that great reward that is our grape.

    There are several different types of harvest, let’s get to know them a little better.


    As its name suggests, manual harvesting consists of selecting only the best grapes by hand, sometimes using only the shoulder part of the grape for its higher quality. The grapes arrive at the winery in perfect condition.

    The aim is to produce an excellent wine, a high quality final product.


    Mechanical harvesting uses grape harvesters, which go around the vineyards, picking the grapes all together, the best and worst quality ones, throwing them into containers, which means that the grapes do not arrive at the winery in the same conditions as when they are harvested by hand.

    It is mainly used in large vineyards. For mechanical harvesting, the vines must be trained on trellises.

    As a result, the final product is a lower quality wine.


    These are grapes that are left on the vine longer than usual, seeking to increase the amount of sugar in the grape. Generally used for fortified wines.


    Harvesting is staggered, depending on the degree of ripeness of the grapes in different periods of time.


    Entry of the day
    6 SEPTEMBER 2018

    What is it?, What does it consist of?, Properties.
    Plant cover in vineyards is a necessary technique for sustainable agriculture.
    On the soil of the vineyard, vegetation develops spontaneously or sown and in this way all its properties are used.
    all of its properties are exploited.
    It limits the use of herbicides and pesticides, helping to regulate nutrient inputs,
    and is beneficial to the fertility of the soil.
    The wines that come from these lands are of higher quality and more added value. Lower yields due to the
    reduced by the selection of grape berries.
    At Bodegas Horola, love for the land and the quality of its wines is our priority. For this reason
    we use vegetative cover, manually selected grapes, bunch by bunch in rigid crates to try to damage the grapes as little as possible.
    to try to damage the grape berry as little as possible.
    This, together with our centenary vineyards and the care in each of the processes, results in excellent, unique and exclusive wines.
    excellent, unique and exclusive wines.

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